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There are a few potential reasons why your energy bill might be high. One possibility is that you’re using more energy than usual—for example, if you’ve changed your lifestyle and started using more appliances or running the air conditioning more often.

Another possibility is that your utility company has increased its rates, or that you’re being charged for usage beyond your normal monthly allotment.

If you’re unsure about the cause of your high energy bill, it’s best to contact your local utility company and ask for help. They can inspect your home and identify any problems that need to be fixed.

Assuming you live in a place where it gets cold enough to warrant winterizing your system, the answer is yes. Even if you have a heat pump, which helps circulate warmth in your home during colder months, you’ll want to winterize your system by taking off the grill and cleaning the coils, as well as changing your filter.

You might also want to consider investing in a programmable thermostat, which will help you maintain consistent temperatures and save money on your energy bill.

If you find that your home is always too hot or too cold, there could be an issue with your thermostat. It’s also possible that your HVAC system isn’t sized correctly for your home – this is something a professional can help you determine.

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