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Good heating is necessary for cities with long and frigid winters like Moore, OK. You would end up freezing in the night if you forgot to turn your heating on. No amount of blankets could compare to the warmth brought by proper heating.

If you already have heating in your house, that’s great. However, what will you do when it suddenly breaks? Our technicians at Triple Play may be just what you need!

We at Triple Play believe in a fast and reliable service that doesn’t put a hole in your wallet. Even in the middle of winter, if you need heating repair in Moore, OK, then you can depend on us. 

Heating Repair Moore

4 Indications Your Heating Needs Repair

Heating repair in Moore, OK is more common during the winter. Obviously, this is the time when our heaters are most active. We’d hate to imagine a winter in Moore without a heater. We certainly wouldn’t want it to happen to you. Despite what many think, heating repair should not just happen when your unit stops working at all. There are several signs you can look out for to keep your heating from malfunctioning and guarantee that it works at its best capacity.

1. Uneven Temperature Around Your Home 

Have you gone from different rooms and noticed a difference in the temperature? Maybe your living room is warm and comfortable, but your bedroom is freezing cold. If that’s the case, then your heating is the culprit. It may be a problem with your thermostat or the ductwork. Either way, it is best to call a professional for an inspection.

2. Electricity Bill Drastically Increasing

Most times, when a heater has technical issues, it has to work harder and less efficiently. This means that it uses more energy to produce lesser output. This is often the case as your heating system ages. 

3. A Strange Smell When Turned On

Your heating should not smell anything in particular. When your heating is turned on, strange odors may be caused by molds or other growth. On the other hand, any burnt smell may come from faulty wiring. Either cause requires immediate attention as they might bring health concerns or safety hazards. 

4. Cool Or Dusty Air Emanating From The Air Ducts 

When you turn on your heating, what comes out of the air ducts should be clear and warm air that gives you comfort. The moment a cold and dusty air goes out of it, there is a problem. Generally, this means that the air pressure coming out is not enough. Reasons may vary, but it may cause allergens and other particles to pollute your air constantly. It is recommended to schedule a repair as soon as possible.

Let The Best And Proven Professionals Handle Your Heating Repair! 

At Triple Play Home Services, we hold our customer’s comfort as our utmost priority. That is why our certified technicians are equipped to solve your heating problems in a breeze. You can schedule us for a repair or call us for an emergency, and we’ll be there in no time. There’s a reason why we are known to give the most reliable services in heating repair in Moore, OK!

If you want to experience top-notch service for your heating, then contact us now at 405-283-3977. We’ll be ready to fix your problems in a breeze.