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What You Should Do When Your A/C Is Leaking Water

If you find puddles of water near or underneath your cooling system, it likely comes from the A/C. Air conditioning units produce water during the cooling process. Usually, the water will drip in the condensate pan and be directed outdoors through the condensate drain line. 

If you find your A/C leaking water, be proactive in addressing the issue. If left unfixed, the water leak may cause further damage to your unit. Here are a few things you can do when your equipment has this problem:

Check the condensate drain line.

The condensate drain line is a line usually made of PVC pipe or metal connected to your air conditioning system that leads outdoors. This line carries the water from the condensate drain pan outdoors. Over time, it can get clogged and cause water to leak.

So if you have a water leak problem, inspect the condensate drain line for clogging. Before unclogging the pipe, make sure that the unit is turned off. It’s also possible that the line has been disconnected from the indoor unit, resulting in water leaks. In this case, it’s best to schedule an AC repair Yukon OK.

Check the condensate drain pan.

The condensate drain pan is a little tray located underneath the evaporator coils. It is designed to catch water produced during the condensation process. If the drain pan has cracks or holes, water will leak.

If the condensate drain pan is too damaged, you may need a replacement. This is something our technicians can help you with. We will also clean the drain pan and line to prevent future clogging and water leaks.

Inspect the evaporator coils.

The evaporator coils are located inside the air handler unit. These coils absorb heat from your home’s air, making it cool in the process. If there are ice build-ups on the coils, it means that they are not absorbing heat properly. As a result, the A/C will produce more water than usual, causing it to leak.

If you suspect that your evaporator coils are behind the water leak, call our technicians for proper inspection and repair. It’s best not to fix this problem on your own, as it may cause further damage to your unit.

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A water leak in your air conditioning unit is a serious problem that should be addressed immediately. Ignoring it will only worsen the issue and result in costly repairs. If you find your A/C leaking water, follow the steps above or contact our team at Triple Play Home Services for professional A/C repair in Yukon, OK.

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