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Summer is right around the corner. Are you sure your air conditioner is ready to keep you cool? Before contacting the HVAC experts, be sure to check out these symptoms of looming air conditioner problems. If your air conditioner manifests any of the signs below, it’s now time to set an appointment for Oklahoma City AC repair with Triple Play Home Services. 

AC Repair Oklahoma City

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

1. Do you feel warm instead of cold air?

Check your thermostat if there’s warm air blowing out of your vents. It must be switched to COOL and set at a lower temperature than your home’s room temperature.

The warm air coming from your vents may also be a result of restricted airflow or a compressor issue. Schedule an A/C repair in Oklahoma City, OK if you notice something weird going on with your unit and you can’t fix it.

2. Is there insufficient airflow?

A poor airflow indicates that your air conditioner isn’t functioning properly. It could also mean there is a blockage in your home’s ductwork that prevents air from moving.

This may be caused by clogged air filters, broken motors, or even something worse.

If insufficient airflow is a frequent problem, HVAC technicians for A/C repair in Oklahoma City, OK may recommend investing in an energy-recovery ventilator. What it does is improve your air conditioner’s performance every time it cycles by replacing stale air with fresh air. Zoning systems may also be beneficial to your unit. You can then be sure that the right amount of airflow and cooling is going where you need it.

3. Are there frequent cycles?

No matter what the weather is like, your air conditioner should go through relatively routine cooling cycles. The cooling system may turn on more frequently on hot summer days, but it shouldn’t constantly cycle on and off.

This calls for a quick air conditioner tune-up or A/C repair in Oklahoma City, OK that may resolve frequent cycling. On the other hand, it could also mean that you need a new air conditioner.

4. Do you experience high humidity levels?

Humidity should be automatically controlled by your air conditioner, especially during the sticky weather during spring and summer.

In case your cooling system struggles to keep moisture levels at a comfortable level, your unit might need a simple re-calibration or perhaps you may need to install a whole-house dehumidifier.

5. Do you see active water leaks?

The refrigerant in your air conditioner cools your home and can produce condensation in the process but none of these liquids should accumulate or leak into your home.

An active leak near your air conditioner or pooled water is a sign that your cooling system isn’t functioning properly. Your home may be rapidly damaged by these leaks and even result in structural problems. Get an A/C repair in Oklahoma City, OK immediately. 

6. Do you notice any bad odor coming from the vents?

Bad smells coming from your HVAC system bring bad news to you as well. And the issue will only get smellier. Trained contractors will most likely do a tune-up and a complete cleaning session or if your cooling system needs a more advanced solution,

Your air conditioner can benefit from UV lamps for preventing microbial growth. You can also treat odor problems with duct cleaning.

7. Are there loud unusual noises?

When air conditioners start-up and shut down, they generally make a low-level noise but noises that are so loud, sudden, or unusual can indicate major problems with your cooling system.

It could mean a loose part, or something more serious. A professional tune-up is necessary to resolve this type of problem, as it won’t normally go away on its own.

Call on the Top HVAC Experts!

If you’re looking for cost-effective and top-of-the-line A/C repair in Oklahoma City, OK, then Triple Play Home Services is the HVAC team you should call. Contact us at 405-283-3977 today.


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