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Why Choose Daikin FIT?

Triple Play Home Services has partnered with Daikin to deliver you the newest and most efficient HVAC system – the Daikin FIT Eco System. It is an innovative product that fits your comfort, space, and budget. 

The Daikin FIT Eco System keeps you cool and ensures the air it circulates stays fresh and clean thanks to its Air Monitor and Air Cleaner features. This is the MOST Efficient System with the Least Outside Footprint and the Cleanest Air Quality Products on the Market.

The summer gets hotter. The electric rates get higher. But you don’t have to let these constraints hold you back from creating a comfortable home.

Choose Daikin FIT today and enjoy many benefits!

Cost-Effective Features

One of the downsides of owning an air conditioner and heating system is the high energy bills. You probably have been shelling out more for utility bills in the summer and winter when you must keep your HVAC system running non-stop to keep your indoor environment comfortable.

Daikin FIT is designed to solve your issues with high energy bills. This product uses innovative technology without consuming as much electricity or power as standard HVAC systems. So you can save money and use it on things that matter.

By lowering your energy consumption, you’re saving money and helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. It’s good for you and the environment.

Unlike standard HVAC systems, the Daikin FIT can adjust the compressor’s speed to meet your cooling or heating demand. As a result, the indoor temperature remains consistent.

Are you caught between aesthetics and comfort? With Daikin Fit, there is no need to compromise. The system features a compact design yet still provides the same heating and cooling performance as a traditional unit.

Enjoy a New Level Of Comfort! Switch to Daikin FIT Eco System Today!

Why settle for less when you can have the best? Daikin FIT Eco System is designed to deliver unmatched comfort levels, improved indoor air quality, convenience, and energy savings. It is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their existing HVAC system or install a new one.

With the Daikin One Air Cleaner and Air Monitor features, the Daikin FIT Eco System is the most comfortable and efficient way to heat and cool your home and make your indoor air fresher and cleaner.

Daikin FIT Outdoors Unit Features

  • Variable Speed DC Fan – High efficiency and low sound levels.
  • Blue Fin Corrosion Coating – 1000 hours salt spray rated as standard. Hydrophilic coating to help keep the coil clean.
  • 7mm Coil – High heat exchanger efficiency and compact casing design.
  • Inverter Board Cooled by Refrigerant Circuit – Eliminating condenser fan pressure drop caused by heat sink used on previous generations.
  • New Swing Compressor – High efficiency. Low sound levels.
Daikin Fit Edmond

Daikin One Air Cleaner

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air inside your home can be two to five times more polluted than the outdoors. Exposure to poor indoor air quality can result in various illnesses. The Daikin FIT Eco System boasts a premium air cleaner, eliminating most indoor air impurities leaving you with cleaner air that’s safe to breathe.


  • Removes more than 85% of particles down to 0.3 microns
  • Removes over 98% of common mold spores found in homes
  • Removes over 99% of Ragweed, over 72% of Cat Dander, and over 73% of Dust Mites from the airstream
  • Insulated cabinet to reduce the risk of condensation and more!
Daikin Fit Edmond

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