Triple Play Home Services Company Values, Ethics and Business Promise

Our team believes that when we act with the VALUES and ETHICS below, we are honoring the trust that our customers have placed in us. We take pride in our daily work and interactions with each other and our CUSTOMERS.

We believe that true customer service starts internally. While we each have our own individual FAITH beliefs, Triple Play Home Services is a Faith-Based Company. We care about you!

Our promise to each other, our customers, and the COMMUNITY is to serve with HONESTY. We believe that we must earn trust. We believe in always being Fair and to Act with INTEGRITY in our business decisions, practices, and pricing. We are passionate about our work. We want to work where we do and we know that investment in our team is an investment to our customers. We promise to always be RESPECTFUL of our customer’s homes, time, and money. We will always hold ourselves accountable for our personal actions. If we make a mistake, we will always take RESPONSIBILITY and make it right. We believe that all members of our TEAM and customers are equal and collectively we can find the best solutions. Our daily goal is to end our day knowing that we did our very best for each other, our customers, and our community, that we have done the RIGHT THING in all our decisions and if there is an area that we have fallen short we will find another solution.


We are relentless in our pursuit of Excellence & Unprecedented Service for both customers and our team.


Through partnerships and accountability with a servant’s heart. 


Consistent excellence in every action


Consistent excellence in every action


Through Efficiency, Reliability and Longevity


Leading with boldness and diversification


We develop exceptional humans at every opportunity. Accountability. We accept NO EXCUSES! 
Create an experience so amazing that your customers WANT to share it.

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