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How To Hide Laundry Room Plumbing

When you’re adding a laundry room to your home in Edmond, OK, you might not want all the pipes and plumbing fixtures to be visible. This is especially the case if your laundry area will be in a more visible part of your home. Fortunately, there are ways you can hide the unsightly laundry room plumbing while still preserving access in case a repair needs to be made.

Hang Curtains or Doors
A simple, fast and low-cost solution to hide the plumbing in your laundry room is to hang curtains or folding doors. For a curtain, you could mount a standard curtain rod with decorative finials across the wall above the plumbing. A tension rod is another option, and it won’t require making any holes in the wall. You could use a fabric or vinyl shower curtain. These are inexpensive and available in a variety of colors and prints. Another option is to install bi-fold doors in front of the plumbing. This will require hardware for a track and hinges.

Place Appliances on Pedestals or Platforms
If the plumbing in your laundry room is located close to the floor, consider purchasing pedestals or platforms for your washing machine and clothes dryer. The pedestals lift the machines off the floor. If you’re short in stature, this can make the machines a bit of a challenge to reach. The platforms offer some protection in case of a water leak.

Hire a Carpenter to Build Cabinets
For a beautiful and durable way to hide laundry room plumbing, hire a carpenter to build cabinets. This will be a pricey option, but it will add value to your home. Use the cabinets for storage, and enjoy a tidier laundry room.

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