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Expert Fireplace Insert Installation in Edmond
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Our specialized fireplace inserts installation services at Triple Play Home Services are tailored to meet your unique needs, offering gas and electric options. Our team of experts is dedicated to transforming your living space into a cozy, warm haven, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience. We are committed to providing personalized, high-quality service that aligns with your lifestyle and home aesthetics in Edmond.

Why Choose Fireplace Inserts?

Fireplace inserts are a fantastic way to upgrade your existing fireplace, enhancing its efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Unlike traditional fireplaces, inserts are designed to fit into your existing fireplace, providing a more controlled and efficient heating solution. They come in various styles and fuel options, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your home’s decor and personal preferences.

Our Installation Services: Gas and Electric Options

At Triple Play Home Services, we understand that every home in Edmond has its unique charm. That’s why we offer both gas and electric fireplace insert installation services.

  • Gas Fireplace Inserts: Ideal for those seeking a traditional ambiance with modern convenience. Gas inserts offer the beauty of real flames without the hassle of wood. They are energy-efficient and easy to use, providing consistent warmth with just a button.
  • Electric Fireplace Inserts: Perfect for homes without a gas line or for those who prefer a simpler installation. Electric inserts are incredibly versatile, easy to maintain, and can be installed in almost any part of your home. They offer adjustable heat settings and, in many cases, a flame effect that can be used without the heat, perfect for year-round ambiance.
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Customized Solutions Just for You

Our team at Triple Play Home Services takes pride in offering personalized services. We’ll work with you to understand your specific needs and preferences, ensuring the installation process is smooth, efficient, and tailored to your satisfaction.

Safety and Quality Assurance

Safety is our top priority. Our highly trained and experienced technicians ensure that every installation adheres to the highest safety standards. We use only the best quality products and the latest techniques to guarantee a safe and long-lasting installation.

Please Note: Chimney Services Not Included

We specialize in installing fireplace inserts but do not install or maintain chimneys. We focus on ensuring that your fireplace insert is installed with the utmost precision and care.

Easy Maintenance and Support

Maintaining your new fireplace insert is a breeze with Triple Play Home Services. We provide easy-to-follow guidance and comprehensive support, ensuring your fireplace remains in top condition. Our team is always available for any follow-up queries or assistance, ensuring long-term satisfaction and ease of use. Trust us for reliable and effortless maintenance, making your fireplace insert a lasting addition to your home.

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