February 12, 2021

Indoor Air Quality is an extremely important component to not only your health by your HVAC System, but one that is overlooked by 90% of Americans. Most of us don’t think about our daily routines and the air that we are breathing in, much less how much time we spend inside with a closed air system.

Underground Pipes Can Shift

When there’s heavy rain, the earth around underground pipes may soften and cause pipes to shift. If lines move, they can end up bending or even breaking because they aren’t supported properly. A broken water pipe can mean that you get dirt in your water when you run a faucet, so you’ll require repair services. A broken sewer line may also lead to debris or sewage backing up into your home.

Blockages in Your Plumbing

A clogged drain may happen when it rains because debris accumulates in the sewer line from flooding. If there was already a clog growing in the line, then heavy rains can worsen it and lead to a total blockage. The result may be water or sewage backing up into your house when you use appliances or run water in your sinks. You may also notice an odor of sewage in certain drains inside of your property.

Extra Pressure on Pipes

Heavy rain can cause pipes to leak because of the added pressure on the underground lines running to your house. When the rain turns the ground to mud, the mud is heavy, and it strains the underground plumbing. This problem can cause cracking and leaks that you may notice on your home’s interior, such as in a basement, or on the exterior of your house.

Get a Reliable Plumber Today

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