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How Does a Fresh Air Ventilation System Work?

Even when your furnace, dryer, cooking range, and wood stove are venting properly, your home’s indoor air might still feel stale or accumulate odors. A whole-house fresh air ventilation system can resolve these issues. The ventilation prevents indoor air contaminants from building up.

Basic Exhaust Ventilation

To expel stale air, you might choose to install a whole-house exhaust fan. The fan pushes air out of a central location or links to multiple rooms with ducts.

Basic Supply Ventilation

A supply ventilation system pulls fresh air into your home. The pressure of incoming air forces out old air through bathroom fans or gaps around doors and windows. A fan can supply fresh air to one or more rooms through ducts. The vent can include a filter to extract pollen and dust.

Balanced Ventilation

Balanced ventilation involves the two separate exhaust and supply vent systems. One pushes out old air while the other fan draws in a roughly equal amount of fresh air.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

An energy recovery system or ERV presents the most advanced option for removing stale air, supporting heating and cooling functions, and preventing the infiltration of moisture into your building.

In the winter, this system transfers heat from heated indoor air to incoming cold air. In summer, it uses air-conditioned air to cool incoming hot air. The result is less stress on your heating and cooling systems because they are not fighting against influxes of hot or cold air. The ERV uses a heat exchanger to modify the temperature of incoming air.

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