Triple Advantage Program

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Staying up-to-date on licensing, insurance, and bonding requirements is a must for HVAC professionals. Not only do they provide financial security, but these can also be important marketing tools, showing customers that you’re a reliable professional.

Our team at Triple Play offers dependable Plumbing and HVAC services at reasonable costs. But aside from quality, we also provide assurance that all our Plumbing and HVAC services are carried on by well-trained, licensed, and insured professionals.

One of the many benefits of licenses and insurance for HVAC technicians are the following:

  1. Financial protection against accidents and damages caused by professional negligence
  2. Helps ensure that only qualified professionals work on your HVAC system
  3. Gives customers a sense of security, knowing that they are working with a reliable and credible company
  4. May offer some discounts on Plumbing and HVAC services

Your HVAC systems are one of the greatest investments so it’s always best to leave them to our professionals. Call Triple Play today and rest assured your properties are in good hands!

Mike Fore

Mechanical Contractor & CEO

Stacy Fore

Co-Creator and COO

Gary Steve Manning

Plumbing Contractor & CPO

License & Insurance

Mike Fore

Mike is a co-creator of Triple Play Home Services, founded in 2009 in Edmond. Mike is also the Mechanical Contractor and CEO.

Prior to creating Triple Play, Mike worked for a few other HVAC companies in the metro, and for the Union in California where he was born and raised. Before entering the trades, Mike served in the United States Coast Guard traveling the world to places like Panama, Costa Rica, Alaska and Northern California. He earned honors such as the President Recognition by President George W. Bush and serving our Country during 911.

Mike is a Champion of restoring trust and faith in the community and consumers of the trades, as well as restoring the belief that working with your hands and being a part of Americas essential infrastructure workers is an honorable profession. He has created an free education program at Triple Play where young men and women can learn their craft for free while earning a living. He does this by investing in state of the art training facilities on site and dedicating company funds into paid training time and hiring the top leadership and management for training.

Mike is also a Champion of equality in the trades, recognizing that there is a place for every person of every background, ethnicity and gender that wants a place. They are equal in achieving any position within the trades and especially at Triple Play.

Stacy Fore

Stacy is a co-creator of Triple Play Home Services, founded in 2009 in Edmond. She is the Operations Manager and has held every position in the company, including field technician.

Stacy’s dedication to equality in the trades has been her mission since co-creating Triple Play, ensuring that every person that wants an opportunity in the trades, at the position they want, has the opportunity to study, grow and excel into it. She is proud member of organizations like Women in HVACR, ACCA, ASHRAE and EGIA, as well as one of the three founding members of Lady Titans an organization dedicated to the Empowerment of Women in the Trades.

Through community involvement and platforms like Podcasts and Social Media, Stacy continues to champion for those suffering with Mental Health and Substance abuse disorders. She believes that together we can find the solutions to a community heart issue.

Gary Steve Manning

Steve was part of the OKC plumbing landscape for over 25 years. After his grandfather started a plumbing business in 1948, Steve joined his dad and brothers to continue Manning Plumbing Heat and Air and established their selves as one of Oklahoma’s most trusted and long running service companies.

Steve later became a part of the plumbing and hvac wholesale supply distribution world for over 23 years as a salesman, sales manager, and sales trainer. After semi-retiring from the distributorship world Steve chose Triple Play Home Services to become part of their “family” because of their commitment of quality service to their customers.

Steve enjoys working at Triple Play Home Services because of their values of what customer service should represent and their unique approach to their sincere commitment to their employees.