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Thermostat Modes/Settings Explained


Thanks to modern technology, air conditioning systems can now operate through multiple modes. Essentially, these modes ensure that your home is well-conditioned during any time of the year. Below, we take a look at each mode in detail to understand what happens when a particular setting is turned on.

1. Cool Mode

This is the most commonly used mode. It is the mode used for sweltering summer temperatures. Essentially, to keep away the high temperatures in your home, the air conditioner uses an indoor component, also known as the compressor, to push out the heat. This heat is taken to the outdoor component, then transferred to the outdoor environment. The cool mode relies on sensors to detect when the correct temperatures are achieved to deliver the best indoor temperature.

2. Fan Mode

In this mode, the fan rotates at particular speeds to allow for air and heat circulation. This mode brings about some balance to the internal environment of your house. In addition, this mode saves you money since the compressor does not have to run.

3. Dry Mode

This mode is great for humid areas. Your air conditioner turns on the compressor in short bursts. At the same time, the fan is rotated to dry out the air and drive away the humidity. When the humidity is cleared, the sensors send a termination signal to the compressor, and the fan’s speed is adjusted.

4. Heat Mode

If you reside in very cold regions, then this mode is a great option for your house. Unlike the cool mode, the heat mode raises the temperature in your house by reversing the airflow in the air conditioning system. When the configured temperatures have been achieved, the compressor turns off, and the fan keeps rotating at an adjusted speed.

5. Eco Mode

To save yourself from high energy bills, you should consider using eco mode. This mode raises your configured temperatures by a few degrees. Consequently, it decreases the amount of electricity needed to run the compressor and, therefore, lowers your bills.

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